I love wearing blue t-shirts.

Nice to meet you

I am Ivo Fokke, I live in Amsterdam and I am an entreprenerd, focussed on digital privacy, obsessed with maps, logistics and delivery networks, always working on something new and continuously contemplating on a new t-shirt brand.

As a founder and investor I am actively involved with a couple of companies. These days I am the CIO of the Rapid Logistics Group and I am trying to make the web a more private place with Soverin.

I like to talk about investing, logistics, digital privacy and I'd like to hear everything about podcasting.


- Rapid Logistics Group
- Soverin, more information below
- The lock Jar, more information below
- Boxture, sold to Rapid Logistics
- Hubspotter, merged with Boxture
- SocialReferral, sold to Careerbuilder
- Endorsed, discontinued
+ some that didn't make the list.

You got to be startin' somethin'

Sometimes I (co-)invent, (co-)build and/or (co-)invest in innovative projects (preferably) by the next generation of entrepreneurs.

Do you have an idea? or do you have an investment opportunity? Please do not hesitate to send me a DM.



Soverin is an independent private company based in Amsterdam, founded by a team of internet enthusiasts who want to create great products that are safe, beautiful and easy to use. We’re passionate about changing the status quo and actively want to raise awareness on digital privacy.

Our mission is private communication for everyone. We give people control over their privacy. The technology has been here for years, but nobody can use it. We are here to change that.

On Soverin messages you send stay between you and the recipient. More like a sealed envelope than a postcard.

Liberate your mailbox and join Soverin.

Website: Soverin



We work a lot from co-working spaces, coffeeshops and (shared) offices, we love it. But we do get sick and tired of telling people to lock their devices when left unattended. Locking your device is easy and we feel we owe it to our coworkers, employers, friends and family to secure the data and access to applications we all share/use.

We have created The Lock Jar to help people that want to make a small but important statement, while keeping the message light and funny. The Lock Jar is a fun way to create awareness for personal and corporate security as it 'forces' people to lock their devices when left unattended.

Lock a co-worker's device today!

Website: The lock Jar